Post-Launch Update: Bug Fixes, Server Stability and More

Over the past month, we’ve been working hard on the stability of Joingy. With the quick rise in popularity of our new chat app, there were many unanticipated issues.

Post-Launch Update: Bug Fixes, Server Stability and More

Today we’ll address a few questions that have frequently appeared in our contact form and talk about the latest server-side updates that just went live!

Messaging Improvements

Upon launch, there was an occasional, yet annoying bug with conversation timeouts and partners being unable to see your messages. This could occur for a single user in a chat, which made it seem like partners had abruptly left.

Server Upgrades

There was also a handful of chat relaying problems that made conversations feel a bit more clunky than they should.

First and foremost…

These issues are now fixed!

It required extensive work by our engineers to remake a large part of the Joingy server code – primarily the partner matching system.

The bad news is that it resulted in periodic downtime during the past few weeks.

But the good news is a variety of improvements:

  • Smoother overall chatting.
  • Fixed all known text chat bugs.
  • Messages sent and received faster.
  • Highly reliable uptime for the future.

All it took was a complete back-end overhaul. Worth it!

Combatting Spam

Lots of counter-spam measures have been implemented into Joingy after the initial release. Since the base concept of roulette chat sites attracts abuse, our moderation team was ready to start dealing with it in real-time.

Spam Prevention

The feature we added that users will notice the most is the ‘Flag Spam’ button, which appears upon every completed chat.

Without going into detail about how our mitigation works, it’s now unnecessary to manually send in spam reports to our contact form.

Just hit that ‘Flag Conversation’ button and know you’ve done your part!

Video Chat FAQs

Upon release, there have been a few common issues people have had with accessing the video chat section.

Connecting to Video

For example, we’ve received reports of the entry button being greyed out or blank black screens instead of cams. These issues indicate that something on the user’s end is incompatible.

Don’t fret! It could simply be that a webcam may not be plugged in or you’re blocking camera & microphone permissions.

Therefore, we’ve added several troubleshooting options to our frequently asked questions for those having problems accessing our video section.

Upcoming Plans

Fixing chat bugs and improving the server stability was our main priority over the past month. Now that it’s in a great spot, we can look forward to adding features to Joingy and publishing great content!

Joingys Roadmap

Here is some of what we have in store:

  • Interests Matching
  • Auto-Next on Video Chat
  • Apps for Android, iOS and MacOS
  • and a few more top secret ideas!

Our staff is excited to continue serving a better roulette chat experience. If you like chatting with strangers, it would mean the world to share Joingy with friends!

After all, your friends were once strangers too!

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