Official v1.0.0! Live Updates and Reports

Joingy’s website and app have been in development for a while, and we’re proud to announce our official v1.0.0 launch!

Officially Announcing Joingy Launch

Text and video chat are both working on desktop/mobile devices, so Joingy is ready to release in a state that can deploy to thousands of simultaneous users.

But here’s the bottom line:

Understand that no matter how much quality analysis we do internally, bugs and server issues are bound to make it to the online version. Therefore, our team’s working around the clock to combat these issues by making live patches and listening to the valuable user feedback people continue providing.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot to talk about…

Interests/Topics Feature

Shortly, we’re releasing an ‘Interests’ feature where chatters can enter topics they’d like to talk about. Our matching system then pairs partners together who want to discuss the same keywords.

Interests Topics Feature

Adding interests is the most requested addition that we’ve always planned on including. However, it isn’t the best thing to include in Joingy’s initial release.

Let’s walk through this:

To provide the best experience during launch, guests need to connect to new random strangers every single time.

By design, adding interests vastly separates the userbase. If we do this with a low population of live chatters on the site, then it isolates people into different shards.

Therefore, greatly reducing the experience of everyone by either:

  1. Being stuck waiting – a.k.a. not connecting to anyone with mutual interests.
  2. Simulating low users – Consistently connecting to the same people repeatedly.

For the overall health of the platform, we’ve decided to temporarily put off releasing this feature until there’s a substantial amount of strangers online.

But we can guarantee it’s coming soon! – And we understand that in the meantime Joingy may not be the right fit for you.

The Joingy App

Our goal with releasing apps is to provide a better experience for everyone, primarily through an enhanced interface.

Joingy App

While the website is completely functional, apps are almost always still better. They’re able to locally serve files and adapt to the specifics of your device. Thus, giving users a simple, clean and smooth experience.

Soon we’ll release an official app for iOS, Android, and MacOS. For now, Joingy is ready on all modern mobile browsers!

Spam Reports

Our team is in the processes of deploying machine learning to prevent spammers and bots. It’s a huge help when people provide feedback by sending reports.

Submit Report

If you come across any spam, please forward it by using our contact form.
Please also send screenshots with a direct image link on Imgur.

This greatly helps us improve filtering on bots and submit manual bans.

And on top of that…

We’re creating a system for report buttons within chats. Due to potential abuse, this feature needs to be carefully developed.

3/26 Update: Flag User’ button is now implemented after chats are finished.

For those concerned with any fraudulent use of Joingy, we have internal logging in place to combat malicious users. To learn more please review our privacy policy.

Random Issues and Bugs

The following bullet points are a log of issues the Joingy team is aware of. Additionally, this includes other fixes to our platform we’ve already carried out.

1. New chats sometimes ‘double-respond’ with notifications.

3/23 Update: ✔ Fixed

New Chats

This is a visual bug and has no impact on actual conversations.

2. Chat area keeping you scrolled-up during connections.

3/23 Update: ✔ Intended

Some mobile devices force users to scroll down when they bring up the keyboard.

Due to this, on the website we’ve implemented a feature to keep your window at the top while typing. If you’re having issues, simply make sure you’re not focused on the “Type a message” chat box.

3. Conversations occasionally timing out.

4/30 Update: ✔ Fixed in the Post-Launch

Our team is already working on a solution for these outlier occurrences. Furthermore, when this patch releases shortly, it’ll result in a reduced delay between messages with your partners!

Be aware that we’re patching bugs and deploying live updates to Joingy. Accordingly, you may see slight instability, but nothing a quick refresh won’t fix!

Here’s a few of the things we’ve already put into action based on feedback:

  • Adding tab notifications when people disconnect.
  • Making it known when you’ve lost connection due to your internet.
  • Minor design issue with the mute/unmute buttons in video chat.
  • Banning and preventing many bots/spammers on the fly.
  • Lag causing messages to sometimes send after disconnecting.
  • Implementing server stability patches.

To contribute, please use our contact form to submit reports and other inquiries.


It’s been made aware to us that malicious users are attempting to misrepresent us on other platforms.

The Joingy staff would like to make it clear that we do not support these actions.
Also, we’ve attempted to reach out to external parties to rectify the situation.

Moving forward, keep in mind we’re a small, passionate group of professional developers dedicated to transparency and listening to feedback!

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